Hidden Agenda Of How The Elon Musk Learn Faster.

Hidden Agenda Of How The Elon Musk Learn Faster.

The hidden agenda of this so-called Ironman of the modern world is the most commonly asked questions by everyone. We going to talk about his secret of achieving massive success in life.

There are many billionaires in the Forbes list year by year, but one among them is set apart from them all. He is no other than the Elon Musk the mind behind the 4 multi-billion companies in the separate fields. Many take an enduring span to achieve that level of success, but he did that in his mid-40’s.

He masters his success in 4 different fields (software, energy, transportation, and aerospace) one by one. More and more people give credit to his exceptional work ethics of working 85 hours a week, others to his ability to set goals for the future and his incredible persistence to fulfill them.

But what appoint him as the Great Billionaire next door is the right learning process throughout his life.

1. Hidden Agenda?

Reading books is the real considerable reason for that amount of success in his life as 50 times more than a devoted reader. Starting from his early teenage years, Musk would read two books per day in the various disciplines to build his ability. His library is a range from science fiction, philosophy, religion, programming, and biographies of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

But as a grown-up man, he shifts his devotion of reading in physics, engineering, product design, business, technology, and energy. That longing for the immense knowledge allowed him to get exposed to different subjects that school never taught him.


• He trained his mind to Learn Faster

• He seeks knowledge in one context and applies it to another


As he told already to his audience once that “it is important to view knowledge as a sort of semantic tree make sure you understand the fundamental principles, i.e. The trunk and big branches before you get into the leaf/details or there is nothing for them to hang with. 

So Follow his hidden agenda if you really want to have success in your life.


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