How To Start Your Awesome Morning In An Ultimate Way?

How To Start Your Awesome Morning In An Ultimate Way?

Why Is A Better Morning Not Happening For You?


Why did excellent morning not happen for you?

All of you want an excellent morning with happiness and enough time.

A better start in the morning will make you feel more energetic and confident all day long.

But you stuck? You know how and why to eliminate this from your life routine. But you are not determined enough to make the initiative.

For a breathtaking morning, you need to make some changes in your life habits.

These changes are beneficial in all walks of your life. I am sharing ten habits that you will need to adapt for an incredible morning.

Let’s steer the wheel and pick up your diary and a pen right now.


1. First Ride Your Big Elephant

How do you feel if you achieve your target about 60 or 70 % in the morning and still you left with enough time? That will feel amazing, and you can do more things in the remaining time.

As the Mark Twain advised that it is better to eat the big frog first. In simple words, you have to perform the elephant task first.

Because researchers say that will power is higher in the morning. And if you start your substantial task first and perform it well, you are more motivated and focused on doing small ones later.

Because as the day passes, you feel more tired and out of breath.


2. Avoid Romance With Smartphone


When you woke up in the morning, what is the first thing you do? Stop guessing about it; you jump straight to find your smartphone.

In the morning, instead of going to the bathroom or make your bed. You are more curious to check your Snapchat or emails.

According to a recent study supervised by the Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey in the year 2016. They found out that approximately 61% of people check their phones 5 minutes after waking up. That will consume a lot of time in the morning because it is very addictive for you.

I used to have this bad habit and it eats a lot of my delicious morning time. You need to form the pattern of avoiding your best friend in the morning and better do real work.

You have to break the habit of checking emails or answering to all your message because that can be done later in the day.


3. The habit of Exercising And Meditating


In the morning, the level of your hormones is higher. Many studies reveal that your testosterone works better in the morning time.

And this will not only relieve you from stress but also make you feel amazing about yourself. Without a doubt, exercise can boost your metabolic rate.

Also, your body releases endorphins that will improve your mood and make you feel superior.

The habit of meditation will make your brain empty of your worries. If you practice meditation, there will be benefits like an increase in self-awareness, self-acceptance, and happiness.

“I do it just to clear my head and relieve me of stress” Brack Obama on meditation.


4. Read A Motivational Quote Everyday


Inspirational or motivational quotes are a real booster for success. There are about 10,80,00,000 searches in Google per 0.9 seconds.

If you start developing the habit of reading quotes in the early morning on a daily basis. You tend to be happier and successful in your life.

The reason for feeling demotivated in the morning is your negative thoughts.

After reading an inspirational quote, your subconscious mind is activated to improve your creativity.

You can stick quotes posters in your room, bathroom or can listen to motivational podcasts. The benefits are regarding a quick boost in motivation and cure depression immediately.

So, add this to your morning ritual to read one quote per day.

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5. Plan Your Tomorrow In Advance


Imagine a situation; you woke up early in the early morning to accomplish your success goals. You are determined to act, but you are struggling to find your targets.

It will happen if you don’t plan your goals for tomorrow. To have an excellent morning, you must create a to-do list.

People with a to-do list are more productive and achieve fantastic success. It will help you to reduce the numbers of choices.

You don’t have to spend time in deciding what to eat, wear and route to commute.


6. Hydrate Yourself And Feed Your Brain


How to manage the functions of your mind in the early morning? Your brain is elaborated with various kind of activities and chemical reactions.

To activate your mind for high functioning. You need to eat the particular type of foods in your breakfast.

For a well nutritious breakfast try to add eggs, whole grains, blueberries, apples, and spinach. Also, try to eliminate foods that contain a certain amount of sugar in them.

Apart from that, you need to hydrate yourself and also take a quick shower.


7. Ask Yourself This Question


In the words of great Steve Jobs “Every morning I asked myself; If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?

And you have to ask the same question to yourself.

Every morning stand before a mirror and ask you this question. What best I can do today?

You have to celebrate every day like the last day of your life. Also, you find it interesting to give your best to your success.


8. Keep A Clone Of Daily Stuff


Yes, you read it right. But you don’t have to set up a factory to reproduce everything. The best thing to avoid morning hassle and time-saving.

You must keep an emergency outfit in your closet. I keep a pair of jeans and shirt in my car all the time because shit happens in life.

You have an essential interview today. But you forget to iron your favorite pair of clothes. You feel bad about yourself and start blaming.

To avoid such situations in your morning. Always keep an alternative to your daily needs in a place of easy access. Like a pen, tie, pair of shoes, your car key and anything that is important.

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9. Imagine Your Day As Success


To have an excellent morning, you must imagine your day as great. You have to make a vision board.

Try to make a collage of words and photos. You have to create a mental picture of your perfect life and how you are going to get that.

Because, when you know what makes you happy. You are more self-aware about making that happen for real. Take a deep breath and imagine your day as best day.


10. Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone


Most of you get stuck in your comfort zone. You want to do many things, but still, you procrastinate.

The saying “If something that you are doing doesn’t challenge you, then it doesn’t change you. Ask you to take a new challenge every day. You need to step outside and test your limits.

How you start your morning? It set your mood for the entire day. Try to learn a new language, travel to new places and try reading something offbeat.

These things make your life interesting. You jump out of bed to pursue something different.


You better wake up early and challenge your potential.


To have an excellent morning for a lifetime, you need to follow these ten steps.

This habit of waking up before the sunshine is your first foundation for success. So, if you are striving for success, this habit is a must go.











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