15 Authentic Johnny Depp Quotes To Make Your Lifetime Awesome

15 Authentic Johnny Depp Quotes To Make Your Lifetime Awesome

Johnny Depp quotes are a great inspiration to accomplish your success goals and live your life with happiness. He has a better insight into the life and how to make most out of it.

Johnny Depp is One of the finest actors in this world. He is famous worldwide as Captain Jack Sparrow from the movie “Pirates Of The Caribbean.”

He won “Golden Globe Award for Best Actor” in the year 2008. In his life, he won many teen choice and kids choice awards throughout his career. From the year 2011-2014, this brilliant actor has won the  “People’s Choice Awards” for Favorite Movie Actor three times straight.

In the year 2012, ‘Guinness World Records’ declared his as the highest paid actor. In the same year, he acquired the MTV Generation Award of the year. The estimated net worth of Johnny Depp is $446 in the year 2017. He made a good name for himself not only as a versatile actor but also as a Musician and Producer.

Johnny Depp quotes helps me a lot in shifting my life to a different direction. You have to avoid all distractions and read them aloud now.


15 Johnny Depp Quotes To Make Your Lifetime Awesome


1. “We are all damaged in our own way. Nobody is perfect. I think we are all somewhat screwy. Every single one of us.” Johnny Depp quotes

Takeaway: – Stop striving for perfection in your life. You have to aim for the excellence. You are different from everyone on this planet Earth. This is the unique strength that nobody would take away from you.


2. “There is a drive in me that would not allow me to do certain things that are easy.”

Takeaway: – Every morning you have to wake up to do great things not average. Because your choices of action going to reflect the quality of your life. If you do easy things first, life will be hard later. But if you do difficult ones first life will be great in the long run.


3. “Just keep moving forward and don’t give a shit about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do, for you.”

Takeaway: – You have to keep away the opinion of other people’s in your life choices. You have to stop this habit of giving power to people decide for you. Take full responsibility for your life and do what makes you happy.


4. “One day the people did not believe in you will tell everyone how they met you.”

Takeaway: – Every time you are in the pursuit of something great in your life. You start getting bits of advice not to do that. They give you all the excuses why this will not work for you. And when you achieve what you believe in the start. They going to talk about this to everyone how they met you in your journey.

Never stop hustling for your dreams.


5. “As a teenager, I was so insecure. I was the type of guy that never fitted in because he never dared to choose. I was convinced I had absolutely no talent at all. For nothing. And that thought took away all my ambition too.”

Takeaway: –  In this world, where everyone is ready to pull your legs down. You need to be more self-aware about your personality. You often forget to love your own identity. You have to stop comparing yourself to people around you. Take a break from your life and write all your positive qualities. Start making small goals and achieve them on daily basis. This will not only develop a winning attitude in your life. But also confidence in your actions.


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6. “It’s only a bad day, not a bad life.”

Takeaway: – Don’t let a bad Monday break your spirit. There are often situations where you cannot avoid problems. Don’t let this take your happiness away from you. In the end, it’s just a bad day and there always be tomorrow to start again.


7. “When I see someone who just follows their dreams and succeeds, and just does basically what they want to do and doesn’t have to answer anyone, obviously not harming anyone, that’s great.”

Takeaway: – Your life will be more awesome if you put yourself in the network of successful people. Make your circle small and start living in the shoes of ambitious people. They will teach you a lot.


8. “I like the challenge of trying different things and wondering whether it’s going to work or whether I am going to fall flat on my face.”

Takeaway: – How you feel like doing the same thing straight for a year? This could be boring and make your life tasteless. You need to master new skills and form different habits. Never stop learning and never put yourself in a comfort zone.


9. “I think the thing to do is to enjoy the ride while you are on it.”

Takeaway: –   Take your life setbacks as a sprint, not as a straight boring marathon. There will be ups and downs. There will be new challenges every next morning you woke up. There is nothing permanent in this world, not even your sorrows.


10. “I don’t pretend to be captain weird. I just do what I do.” Johnny Depp quotes

Takeaway: –  You don’t have to act like someone else to impress anyone. You have a unique personality and your way of doing a thing is different. Life is short and uncertain. Better live it as you are in real, stop living in someone else skin.


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11. “I am doing things that are true to me. The only thing I have a problem with is being labeled.”

Takeaway: –  People often like to capture you in a personality and will criticize you when you don’t follow it. Do what makes you happy and feel alive at the same time. You are not born to live with the exceptions of society.


12. “Tommorrow it all will be over, then I will have to go back to selling pens again.”

Takeaway: – This is one of my favorite Johnny Depp Quotes. You don’t have to take your life for granted. Every new morning will be a new surprise. You may be a billionaire today but tomorrow you may not. Learn to comfort yourself in every situation of life.

Apply that knowledge again and craft your success goals.


13. ­“ I am not sure I am an adult yet.”

Takeaway: – Never believe you are too old to try new things. Always look on the bright side of life. Stop living with people who are unhappy or always complaints. You have to surround yourself with people who make you feel good. You can go out and pose for a camera or drive a car with the roof open.


14. “Laugh as much you breathe and love as long as you live.”

Takeaway: – Life can be super hard at times. The presence of laughter and love bring a sense of positivity in your mind. Your time is limited and live every day as the last day of your life. Make the most of the time you have, and add more people who bring you happiness. You have to create a life full of love and laugh.


15. “Life is pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be? I am a pirate after all.” Johnny Depp quotes

Takeaway: – To live your life to the fullest, you need to act like a rebel. You have to awaken the pirate inside you. Who is always fighting for what he believes in? You have to say what you feel and believe in your mind.

Johnny Depp quotes will bring a positive change in your life. You are gifted with one life and you have to live it on your own terms. You are the creator of your destiny.

Believe in yourself and just do what you love.

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