Dose of Motivation with 10 Smart and Simple Ways

Dose of Motivation with 10 Smart and Simple Ways


To keep yourself going great all the time you need the powerhouse of the so-called dose of motivation.

Motivating yourself is the hard job to do in the world because with time our fuel cell of motivation drained out and we feel the frustration and loss of direction.

There are some sure ways to help you boost your motivation once again and hit hard the life back.

Here Are 10 Of My Favorite Habits For Getting The Refueling Of Motivation.


1. The Dose Of Motivation Take You


You don’t have to wait for the dose of motivation to get started.

If you want to work consistently every day then sometimes you have to get going anyway even if you are not doing that much high.

And the fun thing is that with time you get well with it.


2. Start With Small Steps If Bigger OnesTurn You To Procrastinating.


If a project or task feels too big and daunting, don’t let that lead you to procrastination.

Instead, break it down into tiny steps and then take just one of them to start moving forward you can choose one small job a day or weekend to finish off.

Because the most important thing is to get going and to build momentum forward.


3. Tell People What You Are Up To.


Tell your friends what you will do on social media, via phone or in real life. Ask one or more of them to check up on you and your progress regularly.

By doing this, you’ll be a lot less likely to try to weasel out of things or give up at the first obstacle.

Because if we tell our goals to someone, we try hard to be better on their exceptions that don’t let you fade away with your dose of motivation.


4. Get Motivation From People You Admire.


Never limit your dose of motivation from just the people you know, because there is an immense amount of motivation you can get from the people closest to you.

There is a ton of motivating books, podcasts, blogs, and success stories out there that you can tap into to up or renew your motivation.

Learn how they achieve success.


5. Be Kind To Yourself When You Feel Down.


It’s so easy to fall into the trap of beating yourself when you fail on achieving what you sincerely desire.

But that doesn’t work that well in my experience. You feel worse and less motivated.

So try this the next time: be kind to yourself, nudge yourself back on the path you were on and take one small step forward.

Keep a reward for yourself when you down, like pure chocolate does wonders sometimes.


6. Remind Yourself Of Why You Are Working Toward This.


When you’re feeling unmotivated and low on energy, it is easy to lose sight of why you’re doing something.

So take 5 minutes and write down your top 3 or 5 reasons for doing this work, getting an education, working out, saving that extra money or something else.

Put that note where you can see it every day or keep it on your smartphone for easy access when you need a motivational boost. Let be it your smartphone wallpaper.


7. Adjust Your Goal Size.


If a big Challenge in your life feels way too hard for you, set a smaller goal to find your motivation again.

You better try to aim higher and make it the bigger target and see how that affects your motivation.

Never set too high or too low that you don’t find any desire to do it.


8. Go Out In Nature To Fuel You Up.


Few things give me as much new energy and motivation to take on life as this does.

So I often go out for a walk in the woods or by the sea, and I’m just there in the moment with the nature, the fresh air and I don’t think about anything unusual.

Think about the mother nature that keeps going day by day without ever asking anything in return.


9. Do A Bit Of Research Before You Get Started Your Journey.


Learning from people who have gone where you want to go and do what you want to can help you to avoid pitfalls. And to give you a realistic to do list for success.

So learn from the people who already walked the path you are ready to step.

Learn from their books, bios, videos and everything you can put your time into learning the skills.


10. Take A 2-Minute Meditation Break.


In the quest for all this makes a routine of giving yourself a break of two minutes everytime you feel down or out of energy.

I am doing this from past one year and trust me I got impressive results.

It helps you out in relaxing and start as like a newborn baby once again. Bet me on this let’s try for sure.


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