Do You Need An Excellence Formula Absolutely Free For Now?

Do You Need An Excellence Formula Absolutely Free For Now?
The act of brilliance is the first choice many of you desire in all field of life. The distinction of supremacy makes you feel more proud of your own strengths. This excellence formula is a simple and straight approach to your life problems.
How many of you are familiar with the formula of relativity by Albert Einstein the greatest physicists of all time. In your life somehow you heard of this formula once in a while somewhere and today this one going to benefit you in an epic way. The simple formula for excellence is E=MC².

What Is Excellence Formula?

Yes, you may be spinning your head how this scientific formula helps you to achieve greatness and pursue your success goals faster.  Let me tell you in a quick round don’t lose your breath out.

E = Excellence

M = Motivation

C = Commitment With Capabilities

C = Courage With Confidence

There is no private science with this formula, you can apply this formula straight away and will live with benefits. Let’s start articulating with the strings of this blueprint.

How To Achieve Excellence Formula?

1.  Motivation

Motivation is one of the primary reason for you to act or behave in a particular way. Because of this essential gift, you have the sense to take action for your desires. The pill of motivation gets you started to accomplish your success goals. But you often forget one thing in your pursuit of success. The one thing is that you start craving for motivation all the time.
This constant urgency for motivation is not fulfilled most of the time and you feel like out of the league. But for your pursuit of excellence, you need to appoint your motivation all the time.
Motivation makes you started but the habits make you go for your excellence. You need to make yourself as the primary source of motivation in your life.

1. Woke Up Early And Exercise Regularly

You have the same set of 24 hours just like any other human being on the planet earth. So stop complaining about the shortage of time in your life. If they can make it with that amount of time I am sure you will too.
Go and schedule your morning for exercise and other important tasks to finish. Every successful person in the world is an early morning bird. They wake up approximately at 4:30 when the whole world is struggling.

 2. Be Self-Aware In Your Choices

You need to start making choices from all the stuff that pop ups in your head. What most of the time makes you stumble from your success. Be creative and ask questions about why I am choosing this not another choice.


3. Free Your Mind For More Energy

Meditation for about 10 minutes a day helps you to keep going for long. Your brain is like a computer and with time it needs to take rest. With the assistance of meditation, you can free up your mind and feel more energetic and focused than before.

 4. Learn About Your Mentor

When with your creativity you select your life ambition and ready to follow it with in no time. Start reading the books of successful people of the area you want to jump in. Make the list of habits or skill that makes them exceptional in their field.

5. Focus On Your Winning

Make a list of all your past win and paste the list to your bedroom door and as wallpaper on your phone. When you focused too much on your shortcomings or failures from past life your mind turns into a negative magnet. But when you avoid your losing and constantly take off with your triumph you will form a winning attitude.

6. Make Your Habits Regular

Habits make you going but motivation gets you started you may read this somewhere on the web. Don’t always seek for the seed of motivation to do something important. To achieve mastery you need to form habits. Start with small habits and then perform them for the long hour.

7. Start With Achievable Goals

As a human being your brain is wired to fear the goals that ask for a ton of work and a less of interest in goals smaller than your success goals. To avoid the mind games you have to choose manageable goals.
Take the story of two persons John And Steve, John asks Steve to do 500 pushups straight in a row. What do you think Steve choose to do? He will simply say no to this challenge.
Take another situation in which John asks him to perform just 10 pushups that might sound easy but Steve still not interested in doing this. You know the reason for that is because he finds that it is such a smaller goal.
But in the end, he offered him to perform 50 push ups and guess what happens. Steve finds it more challenging as it is in within his reach and the belief that he can do this.

8. Avoid Negative Mind Suggestion

The human is more favorable to their comfort zone. When you are with your motivation and you start working on goals. The human brain is activated to give you negative suggestion that makes you doubt about your the strengths.
When your goal is to do exercise in the morning, your brain starts suggesting you start tomorrow. From that on he will build more suggestion like the weather is not good outside, today is Sunday you better stay inside.
You have to be smart to choose from your mind pieces of advice all the time. You have to get the best ones and avoid the ones that deprive you of doing what is necessary.

              Capabilities With Commitment

The power to perform any task is simply your capability. When you are starting for a new goal with a higher value of motivation. You often mistook the first step and that is to ignore your true potential at that time. First, you have to discover your capability and then commit yourself to that goal.
The commitment is an action that is dedicated to a cause. After the prescription of motivation, you need to play with your capability and later commit to it. The reason so much people give up is that they determine higher capability for them. Out of patience, they like to go fast and when the result is not desired in short time, they complain and surrender fast.
Don’t rush when measuring your level of accomplishment. If you are aiming to write a book and have no knowledge about writing. You are not required to put your goals to write 10 pages in every 24 hours. As this is out of your ability to perform, you feel unmotivated soon and tackle this as soon as possible.
You need to measure your skill and start. And never put commitment greater than your intelligence at that time, start slow and build your intelligence and speed together. To hit your excellence start slow and win the game.

How To Benefit From Your Capabilities With Commitment

1. True Commitment Or Just Affection

There is a very thin line between commitment and affection to a particular goal. You find it difficult to differentiate between true desire and something you need for real. Before taking your next move you need to investigate about it.
If you are keeping up with procrastination after commitment that is an affection. In the case of true commitment, you focus like an eagle.

2. Find Your Vibe Killer

Take a break and search for the soul reason that is killing your excitement. What is holding you back from your true happiness? Is that procrastination or you are following your affection not commitment.

 3. Start With What You Have Now

 Most of you always keep waiting for the perfect time to start pursuing your goals. There is no perfect time in this continuously changing world. You know enough and start with the least resources you have. You can frame more as you start walking in the marathon.

 4. Stop Chasing Every Butterfly

The mentality of the human mind is to run behind many things at the same time. You need to stop chasing everything and only put your time in necessary stuff. The reason for it is that you like to do many things at same time. You cannot have everything in life, you have to left something behind to pursue something else.

       Confidence With Courage

There is an important connection between confidence and courage? There are situations most of the time when you felt that there is a shortage of confidence. When you are driving towards success goals and deep inside you are not sure if you can make it or not.

Courage is the little brother of confidence if you are struggling through this situation. To avoid such circumstances you don’t have to be scared of your own greatness. Taking massive action with true courage is the best thing to do at the start of the game. Because when you are making essential progress, you are making your confidence.

There is nothing magical about confidence and courage. Anybody on this planet Earth can develop them with time. When you start acting on things that you fear a lot. You will start developing your greatest asset for the lifetime.

Let’s start with the courage first as this is the foundation stone for confidence.


How To Build Courage In Your Life


1. Determine Your Basic Fear and Authority


You are not well aware of your fears and their cause. Most of the time you are reluctant to accept that you are afraid of something. Because you find it disgraceful to accept that you are fearing something.

The reason for the shortage of courage is something you experienced in your childhood or in your adulthood. To avoid progressing with this you need to look for the source of your fear. Because when you are aware what kind of actions are making you stumble. You can work straight on the problem.


2. Learn About Your True Booster


You need to learn about your true booster for courage. You need to write about all your fears and what kind of action will separate them.

You can script the situation in your mind or write it on a paper. I applied this technique in my own life and found great results. If you are going to meet a new person on a date. You have to make your questions and answers clear before you meet them.

Start doing activities that will improve your courage by doing most fearful work first.


3. Stop Comparing Yourself


As Human being with intelligence and power to think and act on stuff around. You start to compare yourself and your life situation with other people. This comparison often leads to negative feeling and doubting own abilities. You have to use your obstacles as inspiration and try unique ways to figure out.


How To Build Your Confidence


Your next target with a gift of courage is to boost your confidence. The confidence is simply the mindset to depend on yourself for everything. When you have trust in your strength, you can do things a lot easier.


1. Improve Your Self-Image First


What if Angelina Jolie told you that you are the most handsome man she ever met in her life. This will definitely make you feel on top of the world and your confidence is certainly high. But You have to change the audience, start believing in yourself. Avoid the effect of someone perspective to determine your internal happiness.

You need to change your self-thought about your looks and qualities. Start grooming yourself, dress nicely and work on your body every day. You are a unique personality and there is no other like you in this world.


2. Think And Act Positive


You need to think and act positively in all your actions. Take free time and start looking for your true personality. Go out and help people in need or be a volunteer for someone. You don’t have to build someone a new home but helping them with moving their stuff is enough.

This will give you positivity about your own character and raise your confidence level.


3. Start With Small Habits


You cannot turn yourself to something new in a day with complete devotion. Because human mind takes the time to control beliefs and actions. You need to set higher standards for yourself.

Start architecting best habits by doing a part of its daily routine. If you start your morning with 10 push ups a day and add more 5 the next day. At the end of the month, you will be doing 170 push ups in a day.


4. Start From The Bottom


Yes, you heard it right, you need to put the first punch on your procrastination. The habit of procrastination is that when you know the true urgency of a work. But you don’t have enough willpower to perform it at that time. There is always some sort of actions you had no interest to execute.

All of you know it well that doing exercises in the morning is meaningful for our overall fitness. But you avoid waking up early in the morning and keep skipping the thought. I will start from tomorrow and on and on.

Then you have to hit back with the same way, start doing this and eliminate your cause for procrastination.


The true excellence is achievable through the simple formula to combine motivation. capabilities, commitment, courage, and confidence. The sense of excellence is a different thing, stop aiming for perfection all the time. Go and work towards doing better than you were yesterday.



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