How To Learn Faster 5x Absolutely Like A Super Computer.

How To Learn Faster 5x Absolutely Like A Super Computer.

Are you struggling to keep your life in a line? You are craving more and more to learn faster and keep it fresh all the time in your brain.

Because the world is very competitive and fast moving. In your daily life, you missed a lot of opportunities because of your habit of slow learning. Because if you are able to learn faster in a short time your life will be better.

The human mind is like a muscle that gets stronger with the work you put on it. The problem with many people is that they tried to bypass the information. As you grow older you start to believe that I lived enough and know more than the people around me.

But it does not matter how old are you. How much you already know about life. You can learn faster and smarter at any age. I am sharing 10 steps that will boost your learning process and you can apply them right now in your life.

I am sharing 10 steps that will boost your learning process and you can apply them right now in your life.


1. Learn Faster By Doing More


As earlier mentioned, the less workout you do with your brain less it will grow. The best practice is to make it work often.

To make it function with more accuracy follow the sprint, not the marathons. In your pursuit of learning faster and absorb more information in less time.

Most of the time you consume a lot of stuff without a break and your mind is not able to hold all the information.

To learn faster in your life, you have to warm up your brain. Before diving into the progress of learning, you have to make some counts.

Take a break and make your learning agenda. You have to plan your daily reading habits and specific time for them.

Everything is not going to work for you in the first place. The best thing is to find the best method that works for you.


2. Be Specific And Search Inside Yourself


The research shows that different media encourage the unfamiliar parts of the brain. According to the research, it is calculated that if more areas of the brain are activated. There would be more chances that you will learn that activity faster.

Try all the various campaign of reading that you can afford from your comfort zone. You have to try learning from notes or text books or online videos and also aim for an infographic to grab the information.

From this, you will find which routine works best for you and stick to it. For me, an infographic is the best way to learn in less time.


3. Networking With Right People


I am not talking about social networking on Facebook or Twitter. The true meaning of networking is to learn from the person you are present with. But you shift most of your time in liking, commenting or scrolling the feeds of successful people.

To learn faster, you have to meet people smarter than you. You have to attend seminars, webinars or anything accessible to you for elevating your mindset. The habit of networking is one of the vital parts of the success.

You can share learning habits with each other and stick to which helps out massively.


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4. Stop The Habit Of Multitasking


You often observe people around you showing off their multitasking skills. The meaning of multitasking is to work on different things at the same time.

But the practice of multitasking makes you dumber and eat up all your productivity. Because for effective results your brain must work on one thing at a time.

On your pursuit of learning the information, turn off your mobile notifications. You have to choose a silent room without the access to a television or an internet connection.


5. By Reading The Information

You know that many successful persons read as a daily habit. For example, Warren Buffet the CEO of Workshire Hathway developed the habit of reading several hours every day.

The average person talks at 225 words per minutes straight. Also, a reader can read 250 to 400 words per minute.

To read the information fast and steal maximum knowledge. You have to develop the habit of speed reading. But the problem with many of you is that either you read so fast or slow.

When you read quickly you often avoid the important information. On the other side when you try to eat every word, your speed of reading hit the roadblock.

You have to take slow breaths and ask questions to yourself. Are you looking for the data, ideas, background information and overview of this article?

First of all, accustomed yourself to the kind of content and skim the information well. After that grab a highlighter and strike over the prime details. T

his way you can learn more in less time. Because you are reading only what you need in the first place.

This habit of speed reading requires the time to form but once it’s done it will take a shorter time to read your gems.


6. Develop The Habit Of Reasoning


The action of thinking about something in a logical way is called reasoning. The habit of reasoning helps you to make better judgments in life situations.

In life, this happens often when your palms are full of ideas. But you are not sure which one to drop and which one to hold in your hands.

In that situation, you need to act smart and follow this simple formula of reasoning.

According to Oliver Emberton, Your achievements  = Your Potential / Directions²

Most people are not failing because of their less potential. They are failing because their power is scattered in too many directions.

When your mind born a new idea for you to work after. Do you have to ask yourself why I need to follow this idea? You have to keep your intention and focus on one single idea and follow that.

All the great companies of the world are started because their founders stick to one idea. They anchor all their determination to make that one idea great.

To keep your achievements at a great level, you must run in one direction at a time. When your hand is full of options, trickle all your alternatives and put all your power on that single idea.


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7. Take A New Challange Everyday


Your brain is more powerful than a super computer. But you never admire the true potential of your mind. When you face a new challenge in your life, your brain starts acting differently than usual.

These challenges come in many forms, the challenge is to do well at your job, getting fit or climbing Mount Everest. Facing these problems, you push yourself off the edge and you see what are you capable of doing.

Many of you fear criticism by your peers or family members in your quest of trying something new. There is only one way to avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing or be nothing.

Most of the time, your good wisher asks you not to meet any new challenge in your life. So stop caring about people and do something new.

Because those experiences will build better strengths and you will be more aware of your shortcomings.

You can learn a foreign language or any kind of martial arts. Go out and learn new ways of learning that you don’t know about.


8. By Experimenting Frequently


You can learn faster if you test your knowledge frequently. The habit of self-testing is essential if you want to excel in your studies.

If after a science class you take part in a quiz and answer the questions related to what you read already. There are more chances that you remember a lot of information from the same.

Also, this will remain in your memory for a long time.

For example, Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and a bunch of other companies. He always applied the knowledge he learned from reading books to his companies experimenting.

Elon read a lot of books about Physics, Chemistry, Business, Technology, Rockets and put all his knowledge instantly in work.

So, stop reading information aimlessly and study the smart way. You have to ask more questions to yourself and note key points.

For example, if in a class you learned about generating electricity with a rotating motor. You can try this at home with personal tools and set everything as you like. This way you learn faster and going to remember this for a long time.


9. Exercise and Meditate Regularly


In your pursuit to learn faster and better, you need to look after yourself by meditating and exercising. Because the stress to learn quickly lead you towards depression and affect your memory stability.

Stop sitting for long hours at one place and try to walk in every 30 or 45 minutes to circulate the blood. You have to track your Omega-3 fat nutritious and add protein to your breakfast.

Even the habit of meditating for at least 30 minutes a day will show positive results. If you can buy more time for yourself, better hit the gym and pump some iron. Because weight exercises help you to sleep better for long hours.

If you don’t have any interest in meditation or no place to try this often. You must try having a bath or a shower in your bathtub.

This will helps you to lose your stress and make your brain to work towards more brilliant ideas.


10. Go Old Fashion And Write More


Well, you may find it old-fashioned to pick a pen and paper in your hands. But writing with hands is much more beneficial than typing on the computer screen. Because the act of writing stimulates the ideas in your brain.

To take the full advantage of writing by hands you need to keep a journal. You must keep a notebook with you all the time you commute.

Every idea or brilliant thoughts that pass through your mind in the day. You can note it down and start working on your all-time favorite idea.

The journal helps you to track your progress and tell you what are you learning.


These 10 steps help you to be more proactive and learn like a supercomputer. If you like this article please share and comment below.



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