Achieve Success To An Extreme Level If Nothing Works In Your Favor At All?

Achieve Success To An Extreme Level If Nothing Works In Your Favor At All?

How can you achieve success in no time, is the question of many people? There are often situations where people question your ability to bloom on your dreams.

Some of you back down from your pursuit of greatness from the negative energy of naysayers. But you don’t have to give up your vision because of negative magnet people stalk in your brain.

To achieve success to the level of excellence in all walk of life, you must be persistent in your actions. Because your success is not determined by your age, the place you live now or what your career goals are, it’s likely your eventual ambition in life is to be delighted and successful.

For that, all you need is to follow your passions, living diligently, and enjoying everything at the moment.

I am going to share a story that will inspire you to achieve success and greatness even if you hit rock bottom and just about to give up. This story is about the 34 years older Florian Gschwandtner, Co-founder and CEO of Runtastic.

What Makes This Startup So Great?


Runtastic is an Austrian startup that was started to develop apps or sensors that will track all human physical activities. They combine the basic idea of fitness with mobile application and social networking to the next level.

The research and development team of this startup develop activity tracker apps, hardware product, and services.

In one word they joined everything from online training logs, detailed data analysis, and comparison with other users. They did so great that Adidas acquired them in 2015 for 240 million in no time.


What Bounds Them To Lose In Their Ambition


In this world, there is no success story without a bit of taste of failure or demotivation by people our so-called naysayers.

As in the words of Florian Gschwandtner Austrian are more of people who are looking for negativity in every situation rather than the positive reasons to do it. If you bring the solution to a problem on the table, they will find another five more problems in that.

The basic idea and fire behind all this are to change this mindset of people. Because people are questioning everything about their business and had a long list of logic that will make them a failure for sure.


How They Fight And Win The Game In The End


After one and the half year of their business ground up, they are able to have positive cash flow on their own terms. As they are not needing the money in the first place, they are paying their expenses and negotiating with other companies for business growth. There are two points that let them keep winning better in the game.

♦ They start making money from the start with their paid apps.

♦Even without money, they keep hustling for 1.5 years and never focused on people telling them it wouldn’t work.

In the words of the CEO Florian Gschwandtner, they learn two important lessons in the midst of all this. The first one is that they are really focused on the business plan of their company without letting anything to distract them.

Secondly, the best thing is to start making money from the start, so you wouldn’t have to ask an investor for fundraising.


In every part of life from business to relations and everything, all you need to do is never give up on something you believe from your heart. Persistence is the key to success, there is nothing out there that has no solution. All you need is to try.




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